History and Future of network marketing

The future of network marketing is very bright. But often people who do network marketing have a question as to when it started. Under what circumstances started?

And who was the founder of the first network marketing company? How will the upcoming this business? And what will be the future of the network marketing company?

Peoples that work already this industry considered that this is the best business in India.

Here we will learn about the history of a network marketing company from beginning to end.

And you will also know what will be the importance of this business in the coming time? And What is the future of network marketing going to be?

You must know about the history and future of the network marketing company because you are eager to learn about it.

Knowing you all about network marketing will increase your trust in this business. With which you can do your future plan well for these industries.

History of network marketing

Now We will understand about this industry well, what is the history of the network marketing company?

Which was the first network marketing company in the world?

The first network marketing (MLM) in the world was Avon, Avon started in 1886 by David H. McConnell and this company from the United States.

And starting from there, it has started its direct selling business in almost maximum the countries of the world.

However, 70 or 73 years ago network marketing company established. But this industry Beauty Related Products was doing direct selling.

In the past, people not being very aware of beauty, so the networking business could not run well. This company established by Amore & Avon.

And then started in 1930 by Vitamins Products multi-level marketing company Carl Rehnborg.

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Which product first launched by MLM?

In earlier times people preferred to eat fast food more. And people do not get much mineral vitamins and nutrition in fast food.

So he started his own company which was direct selling through Vitamins, Proteins, and Mineral, product multi-level marketing.

He later starts his company in California, which is in the United States. He started this company there.

And this company named California Vitamin. People benefited a lot from this company and their company started to grow slowly.

And later he changed the company name in 1939 to Nutrilite. And after that, they thought why not put distributors inside this company who will sell the products of this company through direct selling.

Which benefits the people and the company also gets good growth.

Then he started handling the distributor. If distributors join people in this company, then some percentage is given to distributors on purchasing direct selling products who joined them. It the Direct Selling Company established for the first time.

After that, another company has come to the market. Which we know as Amway.

This company has also become very famous. After that, this company started doing the work of direct selling all over the world. Amway Company launched on 5 May 1998 in India.

After some time Avon and Amway started getting lots of distributors inside the company and that started benefiting a lot. The company also slowly grew to a good position.

The scam MLM company maligned the actual MLM company.

Many people started quitting network marketing. Those who left the networking business said that this company is not right.

Meanwhile, some scam networking business started. And lured people that you can earn more money in less time.

So people started joining the Scam company. Because of which after some time the company declared itself bankrupt.

Due to this, people lost crores of rupees and even started committing suicide. But later the entire scam company was closed.

The thing to note here is that the scam company defamed the name of the genuine network marketing company. It took a lot of hard work to get network marketing to its good position.

Future of network marketing 2021

Now we will talk about the future of the network marketing company.

Thousands of people often ask what is the future of network marketing company?

Many people remain in the doubt that if we join this industry, will this industry give us any benefit or not in the future?

The future of the network marketing company is very bright. Because many network marketing companies have come and gone in this field, but the one which was a good network marketing company is still going on.

The government implemented the rule for the MLM company.

And the best part is that after 2016, the government has ruled for every direct selling company.

Whichever company you see direct selling guidelines full-fill. You can definitely join that company.

The networking company is doing a direct selling business, keeping the government’s guidelines full fill. So that the company is more likely to be good and genuine.

size of this industry

After 2011 and 2012, the network marketing company’s distributors and its sales have grown a lot. It is said that the size of the direct selling company has increased by 2 times to 12620 crores.

And the best part is that every year the growth rate of the direct selling company will increase by 4.8 crores.

And in the coming times, the direct selling company will become the company with very high growth and the number one business status in the world.

It is said that after 2021, the size of this company will increase to 15930 crores.

A significant income can also be started by investing less in a network marketing company. Time freedom will be very much inside this company.

If will increase the value of time in the future a lot. And people will start getting very busy. But still, inside the company, you will feel very open.

Direct selling future

Direct selling considered to be the only business in which people grow more in less time. And there is no such job or business coming in the future in which you can earn more money by reducing the value of your time.

Therefore this industry is a very good business for the future.

My opinion about the future of network marketing

This business is the best business in the world because it business not requires your age, your gender, your religion, your higher education. The only thing required to do business in MLM, that is your honesty and patience.

Gradually the demand for this company is increasing all over the world. And people are joining this business very fast because people are seeing a lot of benefits in this business.

It is said that in the future of network marketing will get the right to the biggest business not only in India but in the whole world, this industry has a huge range.

If you want to join this industry then believe that your communication skill is not only will be strong but you will also have expertise selling any types of products and services.

So you should join this business with your positive thinking then your business will grow.

If you want any more information about the direct selling industry, you can ask us.

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