Modi Care is the best MLM company that running 22 years in the MLM industry since 1973 by Samir Modi in Delhi. This is one of India’s leading Direct Selling Company.

This MLM considered one of India’s leading Direct Selling companies. By the way, there are many network marketing companies in India that are running in a good position like Vestige and Safe Shop India.

Modicare owner is new Delhi businessman Samir Modi who not only the founder of Modi care but also the founder of the Colorbar cosmetics range and 24 Seven chains of convenience stores founder also.

We will talk about here Modicare Latest Breaking News, history, products, range and Special report of this MLM.

Modi care review

So let’s start, and know what is the history of Modi care? This dates back to the days when Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modiji lived in Patiala (Punjab) but after some time he decided that he would do something different except Patiala.

When he left Patiala in 1936 and thought of doing something different, he did not have much money, he had only 400 rupees and with that money, he moved towards Begmabad.

 Shortly after, he bought land and then decided that he would stay here and do business. He then invented Modinagar there and then started Modi Enterprises.

Modi enterprises started to be established from there, it surprising that they had brought only 400 rupees but now they have done the business of 60000 crores. And almost this company more than 35000 employees inside.

Then later Mr. Sameer Modi took the responsibility of advancing the Modi group. After that, a lot of Modi care groups assembled, which running on good positions today.

You will be happy to know as well as the wonder that Modi Group not only working in the network marketing industry. So, this the best business in India and a great successful business.

But this education center, entertainment, cosmetics, salon, fashion, and restaurant has an interest in the business in all types of categories. Their products in many different countries Are also sold though it started in Delhi, (India).

Modi care company established

This Network Marketing Company established by Sameer Modi on 12 July 1973 and this company is doing direct selling in almost every city of India.

Though it established in Delhi and this company established with the intention of helping the Indian people.

Products that are not easily found in India, they would bring products from other countries to the countrymen of India.

Is Modi Care Registered Company?

Yes, this is a Non-govt company and registered at the Registrar of Companies. Do you know the authorized share capital is Rs. 240,000,000 and its paid-up capital is Rs. 73,830,240?

Modicare Limited’s Corporate Identification Number U72200DL1973PLC110617
Registration number 110617
Email[email protected]

Directors of Modi Care

See here blew directors of this MLM company.

Director Name Designation Appointment Date
SAMIR MODI Managing Director 01 February 1992
ANIL KUMAR UPRETIDirector29 May 2018
BALBIR SINGHDirector22 August 2011
CHARU MODIDirector18 March 2000
RAJESH NAIRDirector20 December 2013
RUCHIR KUMAR MODIDirector04 November 2016
BINA MODI Additional Director14 November 2019

Modi Care Products

Modi Care believes that all the types of products it has are the best in the world. People’s needs are easily fulfilled with all those products.

Products of this company include cosmetic products, home care products, shloka, ayurvedic products, hair care products, lifestyle products, health products, and nutrition products and many other products.

In this company, direct selling of all the products that a person uses to normal day by day.

Sameer Modi says that in all his products, they give 100% certification guarantee responsible himself.

They say that if you do not like the product given by them, then you can also return the products.

Modicare online membership

If you join Modicare then you can earn a lot of money. Because Modi Care is considered for a powerful network marketing company India.

Modicare is very easy for online registration or membership, there is no difficulty in registration and it is absolutely free. And if you are 18 years old then you will become eligible for its consultant. ID or certificate, email ID, mobile number, and PAN card are required to join it.

Skill Development in this company

No network marketing company can be successful in the direct selling industry as long as it training its distributors with communication skills or any other type of professional communication skills, and along with better products.

If an MLM company informs its distributor about all these types of skills. And teach them how you can grow this business in your life.

So obviously the hope of moving this company keeps growing very fast. Modi care company is also like this, it gives more care to its distributor on skill development.

If you have to develop your professional communication skills, then my opinion would be that you join a network marketing company. There your communication skill is developed with great speed.

And not only communication skills, but you are also told how to sell products. Through which you can easily sell any products.

If you want to know more about communication skills, then you should read this article. 8 Magical secrets for development communication skills that is very good post for you.

Gift for You:-


A special program is also given to distributors under Modi Care, the name of that program is Jashn-e-Azadi.

Inside it, your skill is developed, you are motivated, you are given happiness. You are taught how can you join the program and succeed.

6 benefits of joining Modi Care

Now we are going to talk about the 6 benefits of joining Modi Care. Which every people should know.

Any person can take these 6 benefits by joining this network marketing company. People get this benefit only on their own joining and not on adding people inside themselves.

#1. 10 to 20 % discount

I want to explain to you as an example that the way we have the necessities of our daily life, we have to buy them. Like toothpaste brush, soap, vegetables, and much more that we use daily, we buy it every day.

But when we buy from a particular local shop, we have to pay them and in return, the shopkeepers give us products, that’s all.

Firstly, if you join Modi Care and if you buy about 3000 rupees of items of Modi Care. (by the way, the items used in daily life are almost above 3000 rupees per month) So Modi Care gives you a discount of 10 to 20%.

#2. 10% of extra products for free

Secondly, the benefit is related to the first benefit. If you buy multiple products of 1000, then Modicare provides you 10% of extra products for free.

#3. 3 months of product for free

Thirdly, if you buy 3000 rupees of products every month through this company, and if this sequence of yours continues for 6 months. So in the seventh month, the company gives you products of Extra 3000 rupees for free.

And if you continue to buying 3000 rupees of products for 12 months, then for this the company gives 2 months of product for free. This means that the company provides you a total of 3 months of product for free.

#4. Lucky Draw Coupon (10 Ka Dum)

Fourth, Modi Care Company 1 lucky draw coupon (10 ka dum) affects people. And you can be select for this coupon only if you buy any product of the company from 1st to 10th of every month.

And then the names of a select few are chosen and then lucky draw coupons are given to those people. Then they are also given washing machines.

And 1500 people are also given the product of 1706 rupees.

#5. A Discount Of 7% To 22%.

Fifth, if you keep buying products from this company every month, then the company provides you a discount of 7% to 22%.

6. Products Discounts

Last, offers are available on the products of this company. For example, buy 1 get 1 free, buy 2 get 1 free, and some money discount, there are always some offers that you can take advantage of.

Conclusion: Modi care

We saw here about Modi Care Enterprises Limited Company, we get to know that this network marketing company is from Delhi. And this company has been working in the direct selling industry for almost 22 years.

It has more than 35,000 distributors who always ready to take this company forward. Within this company, all types of products, even MLM software, also sell. And it is said that the products of this company are very good and special.

The products of any network marketing company must be good Otherwise, the company cannot grow much further.

If you have any kind of question-related to Modi care Enterprises. Then you can ask us. We are also giving you a link to the official website. You can also go through this and get more information about this company.

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