13 Pros and cons of network marketing (Full Guide)

Are you searching about what are the pros and cons of network marketing? You will happy to know that we will talk about full guide about advantages and disadvantages of network marketing business.

Network marketing considered to be a very powerful business model which is spreading very fast not only in India but all over the world.

Let me tell you that the number of people doing network marketing business in USA is about 45%. In the same place, if we talk about India, then India has a little less than USA. But here too this business is seen growing very fast.

In this post only we will know what are the benefits of doing network marketing and what are the pros and cons of network marketing. And why people are choosing network marketing business as a better business.

What is network marketing business

Network marketing is a passive income model in which the product or service of network marketing has to be marketed. And a chain system has to be created on which you join people in pairs inside you.

And those people (whom you have added under you) work like you to promote the business. In this way, not only the MLM business but also the distributors involved in it grow rapidly.

Network marketing business is the products or service base that has to be marketed through word-of-mouth. And its growth rate depends on the distributor working inside these company. This is how network marketing business works.

We have written a details post about network marketing business here. If you want to know what is network marketing business and what are its guidelines then you should read these.

Is network marketing worth it?

Network marketing is a very profitable passive business model which is growing very fast not only in USA but all over the world. This business is being grown more digitally in today’s time.

This business considered best for all these people who want to generate passive income. And those who want to take quick action and then they depend on it according to their goals. Network marketing business is considered very worth.

Pros and cons of network marketing

Now we will talk about the pros and cons of network marketing which definitely we should know.

✓Pros of Network Marketing business

#1. Easy to start a business

Network marketing is a very powerful business model to start a better business. To make any other business successful, a lot of capital is needed. But you can start network marketing business with very little capital and can grow your business to a very good level.

The special thing about this business is that you do not have to store any products/services to achieve good levels in this business. And there is no need to invest a lot of capital.

#2. You can improve your communication

The communication skill of a successful person is very strong. And if we want to be successful in business then we need to strengthen our communication skills.

Especially when we want to grow network marketing business, communication plays a very big role. Therefore the biggest pros of network marketing business is build your communication skill.

Because network marketing business is a word of mouth business, which we give presentations to people together. So it is our endeavor that prospects join our business.

That’s why we need to strengthen communication skills. The specialty of MLM business is that we try our best to enhance your communication skills in this business.

#3. Handle rejection strongly

In any sector or in any field, we have to face rejection in our business. And in such times a lot of people would become negative. But the beauty of network marketing business is that in this business you are taught how to face rejection very well.

And you become strong from inside and understand that failures or rejections are near to life. Which gives you the right understanding and insight in network marketing business. This is one of the best advantages of network marketing.

And when we have the capacity to face rejection then we can become very successful person or businessman in our life.

#4. You can decide your own income

Within the network marketing business, you yourself choose at what level you want to grow the business. This is not a job or a job that you will do in a limited amount of time and then accept the salary.

Network marketing model is a very powerful business model and is considered to be one of the fastest growing business in the world.

Therefore, the income of network marketing business cannot be estimated just like that. It depends on the distributor that the distributor can grow this business by working hard and giving how much time.

The more the distributor works hard in this business, the more the possibility of earning from this business increases. And this is a better advantage of network marketing business.

#5. Network marketing business could operate at home.

To start Network marketing business, you neither need to go to any office nor need to go to any specific area or any particular city.

To start network marketing business, you can do it in any city. It is like a chain system that has to connect the people under you, so that you can start it everywhere.

And you will be happy to know that the branch of any network marketing company is in almost every city.

#6. You can grow business with online

Growing network marketing business online is also a very good opportunity. Therefore this is one of the biggest advantages of network marketing.

Earlier we needed to gather people at some particular place to hold meetings. But now we can also connect people under us through online (social media).

Finally this is a business that you can start as your freedom. You will neither have to do much discipline of timing nor space nor will you need to invest much to do this.

#7. There is no Boss

Within the network marketing business, there is no boss of any distributor. And this is the biggest Pros of Network Marketing business.

If we are working somewhere, then we have a boss over us who always rules. Whether there is a manufacturing business or there is some kind of business, there is a guideline in it.

But the beauty of network marketing business is that there are trainers inside who guide you to be successful in business. And this is the advantage of network marketing.

#8. Freedom

There is no boundary in network marketing business whether you have to go to office on office time or work till the fix time. There is freedom of time inside this business, you can do this business according to your time.

If you give less time inside this business, then obviously your success is a little less. But there is no one to tell you why you gave less time to work.

Time freedom is very much inside this business. It depends on the distributor that how long they want to work with it and how fast they want to grow this business.

Are you enjoying Pros and cons of Network Marketing business?

Let’s start,

✓Cons of Network Marketing business

#1. Most people are not successful and rich

Many people are not able to succeed in network marketing business because all these people have different types of mindsets.

Some people who not face negative thought are successful in network marketing business. And those who are not able to bear the negative thought are not able to succeed in network marketing business. That’s why it is said that the network marketing business success ratio is a bit low.

#2. Most MLM marketers sales increase face to face

Often network marketers together tell the distributor about the product or service, which is a very big time consuming process. In the digital world, the MLM market should use such a platform that can reach its presentation to many people in a single platform.

Therefore it can be taken as a negative. And it is considered to be the Biggest Cons of Network Marketing business.

#3. Long time to grow

It takes a long time to grow this business. And sometimes the distributor has to be motivated for training multiple times.

And even then it is not necessary that the distributor to whom we are giving the presentation, that distributor must join our company.

To join this business, you can join in just a few moments. But to achieve success up to a level, we need to invest some time. Therefore it considered one of the biggest disadvantages of networking business.

#4. A lot of rejection in this field

There are many such people in MLM business who will think of taking a presentation but they do not show interest. And then the time comes that we have to face rejection from many distrubutors.

You cannot become a successful entrepreneur unless you have the capacity to face rejection in your life. Therefore this is the highly disadvantages of networking business.

#5. Some scam network marketing involved in this field

Network marketing is a very powerful business concept and a genuine industry which is growing very fast all over the world.

But in the same place there are some scam MLM company which cheats with the people. And the trust of the network marketing business on the people ends.

That’s why you should avoid scam MLM company. Here NationalMLM has written a post through which you can understand how to recognize best network marketing company.

Are you enjoying Pros and cons of Network Marketing business?

Conclusion: Pros and cons of network marketing

Network marketing considered a very powerful business method. But together we should also know about pros and cons of network marketing business. So that we can be successful in taking our business to a successful level.

Here we have mentioned together a better guide on what is the pros and cons of network marketing business which will help you to identify a right MLM business.


What are the benefits of network marketing?

There are many benefits of network marketing business. Network marketing is such a single business that you can operate from your home. And you can grow it very fast through social media. In network marketing business, your communication skills become very strong and you are taught the methods of selling and marketing. In this business, not only the level of the company but also of the distributor increases. The biggest benefits of network marketing is that you do not have any boss in this business, you can work in your own time and your placement and in your comfort zone.

Why is network marketing bad?

Network marketing bad considered because some scam network marketing business fudge money from people under the guise of genuine network marketing. And there is no such law within it which can declare such operator illegal. A good network marketer gets a chance for a better profile only after making a good profile. Therefore you look pros and cons of network marketing after that you can decide that network marketing which types of business.

Can you really make money with network marketing?

Yes! You can make money with network marketing and that too on a very good scale. But for that you need to create a better profile and need to achieve business level. In which business you achieve a better level, then you can be eligible to earn a huge amount.

What is the success rate of network marketing?

The success rate of network marketing is believed to be around 45%. But it is in the same place or depends on what type of distributor is their motive. Whether they have interest in these business or not, in the same way the success rate can increase. Most of the people fail in this because they are not able to maintain the profession. And cannot see the business growing to a level, such people are 90% of the people who fail.

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