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There are many Network marketing companies in India that are running in a good position. Similarly, a new company which is very high trendy that known as Rootpure Marketing Pvt ltd.

Rootpure Marketing Private Limited is classified as a Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi.

Rootpure marketing Pvt ltd company was incorporated with the MCA on 19 March 2020. And the company has also been listed in the class of Private company and classified as a Non-govt company.

And Rootpure Marketing Pvt ltd also registered in the Registrar of Companies (ROC), ROC-Delhi, with an authorized share capital of -10,00,000 and a paid-up capital of 10,00,000.

The office of this company 17/9, Ground Floor Blk B, Gali 4, Harit Vihar, Kamalpur, Village Burari, Delhi North Dl is in 110084 and the company has two directors is Praveen Kumar Sinha Sir and Sanjay Tiwari Sir.

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Full details of Rootpure Company

Now we will talk about root pure company that is growing very fast now days.

CIN U51909DL2020PTC362997
Company Status Active
Registration Number362997
Date of Incorporation 19th March 2020
RoC RoC-Delhi
Company AgeStart 19th March 2020
Company CategoryA company limited by shares
Company Sub-Category Non-govt company
Class of company Private
Listing status Unlisted
Authorized CapitalINR 10.0 Lacs
Paid CapitalINR 10.0 Lacs
Date of Last Annual General Meeting N/A
Date of Latest Balance SheetN/A
Last Reported AGM DateN/A
Email Address [email protected]
Registered AddressKH. No. 17/9, GROUND FLOOR BLK NO. B, GALI NO. 4,
North Delhi – 110084
Delhi – India
Full details of Rootpure Network Marketing company

Rootpure marketing private limited has been established through two capable directors first is Praveen Kumar Sinha and the second is Sanjay Tiwari.

Both these directors have very old experience in the network marketing industry. They were working in Safe Shop India Network Marketing Company for more than 15 years.

But now they have their own separate MLM Established a company known as Rootpure Marketing Pvt ltd.

Root pure products

Root pure product is considered very useful. And rootpure marketing ltd launches new product, which now promotes its distributor for direct selling.

Here we will talk about rootpure all products and understand how important root pure product is.

Root pure network marketing launches this type of product which are going to be used in daily life. Mostly, this company launches products related to health. And to solve the problem of special female, this network marketing company has many products.

If you want to know about the rootpure marketing pvt ltd products price list. Then for this you can see the rootpure marketing all products price list by going to the official website of the rootpure company.

Benefits of using rootpure marketing pvt ltd products

There are huge benefits of Root pure network marketing. Rootpure marketing products are made with very high ingredients and high quality, which are considered to be the perfect product to make you healthy.

Rootpure marketing pvt ltd products launch different products from the market. In the competition of which you will not find any product in the local market.

And talk about rootpure product price, its price is not very hard. The common man can afford the products of this company very easy.

Here is the rootpure product list and also mention benefits of using root pure all products.

8 Result oriented rootpure marketing pvt ltd products

Root pure marketing pvt ltd products are high demanding and result oriented products. And some products are very useful for our daily life use. Here are the 8 highly recommended products for every home.

Immuno Root:

Immuno Root is considered one of the best products of this network marketing company. Which is the perfect product to keep our body fresh and powerful.

This product is considered to be a powerful product made from around 100 elements. Let us tell you that this product provides more nutrition in our body.

Because this product has been made after much research. Therefore it is said that this product has been made to give benefit in more than 100 diseases.

A person needs to eat 3 kg of fruits on a regular basis to stay fit. But you will be happy to know that in 30ml of immuno root product (made by Root pure) you will get power equal to 3 kg of fruits.

If you want more about root pure marketing pvt ltd then you should contact us. Then I will guide you better root pure marketing pvt ltd products.

Nervo Root:

Nervo Root is considered to be one of the best product of Root pure network marketing. That proves more beneficial for the basic male member. This has been proved to be serious on all types of nervous disorders of male members.

This product corrects the impotent power of the mail member and removes the problem of sperm. Even this product increases sexual power.

Gyane Root:

Gyane Root can be confirmed in the list of the best products. Because this product is considered right to get rid of all types of problem of female.

Whether it is from problem beauty or health, sceen, or female pregnancy. It is also considered to be perfect for freeing from the problems of pregnancy.

Kids Root:

Kids Root is a better product which is considered to be the best product for children. This product is perfect to remove the problem occurring inside children. Which is considered a better product in the list of root pure all products.

Ortho Root:

Ortho Root is considered a better product for getting rid of pains. If there is a pain in any person’s knee, arm, leg or any part of the body. So they can use this Ortho Root product. If they use the tablet of Ortho Root while applying this oil, then they get more benefit.

Livo Root Zyme:

livo root zyme is one of the best rootpure marketing pvt ltd product that mostly removes related problems from the liver. If you have a problem of acidity or a liver problem. Then you can use this livo root zyme.

It is mostly considered beneficial for those who like to drink alcohol. Because there are chances of liver damage while drinking alcohol. But this product keeps your liver strong.

Herbo Root Tea:

Herbo Root Tea is considered very beneficial and natural tea. Which is made with about 35 herbs. This is very different from other local market which are usually made with chemical.

This tea is considered 100% natural. And rootpure marketing pvt ltd is promised that Herbo Root Tea can be used by people who are sugar patients.

Because it is sugarless tea. And to make this Herbo Root Tea is very easy, just mix it with boiled water and make it. For this, there is no need for any lengthy process that is required to make other tea.

Bath Essential Kit:

Bath Essential Kit comes in six types of products that are made to be used for your personal care. Which contains body lotion, face wash, shampoo, hair oil, saffron shop, and day cream.

Here is mentioned about the rootpure marketing pvt ltd products that come with Bath Essential Kit. These are considered different from all markets.

The body lotion provided in it has also been given very different and quality. Talking about face wash shampoo, it also disappears wrinkles and pimples in your face and keeps your face clean.

Talking about shampoo, it keeps your hair very fresh and clean.

Saffron shop is a very different type of shop which is not easily found in the market. They are not made in the factory but are homemade. Similarly, all the products of Bath Essential Kit are very valuable.

How to join Root pure marketing private limited company?

To join Rootpure Marketing Pvt ltd company you have to buy a minimum of 25 PV (Points Value) products.

After that, you can become a distributor of Root pure. However, by purchasing more PV products, you can join this company.

If you buy 25 PV products, then your weekly income will be a maximum of 50000. And if you buy 50 PV products, then your weekly maximum income will be 100000.

If you join this business by purchasing 100 PV product then your weekly maximum weekly income will be 200000.


Now we talk about root pure business plan that we can understand about that Network Marketing company.

How many types generate income through Rootpure marketing Pvt Ltd?

There are 6 ways to earn money through this network marketing company.

  1. Retail Benefit
  2. Matching Bonus
  3. Loyalty Bonus
  4. Tours and Rewards
  5. Leadership Bonus
  6. Re-purchase Income

#1. Retail Benefit

The first income in Rootpure is the Retail Benefit. Retail benefit means the product you get at DSP (Direct selling price) by the company.

For Example: – If DSP (Direct selling price) of a product is ₹1000 and MRP is ₹1499, then you will get the product here at DSP rather than MRP.

If you have recommended this product to your family and friends and they buy from you. Then you can sell the product at the MRP from them.

Means, here you get the full ₹ 499 benefits, this is the retail benefit.

#2. Matching Bonus

We can do second income in Rootpure Marketing Private Limited Company by matching bonus. Meaning you are a distributor and three different people have joined your pair.

And all three distributors have started the business according to different PV (Points value) ratio. So at the time the PV of both pairs match, you will get a bonus according to that.

Rootpure- Matching bonus explain

In the example: 200 PV business done through Group A and 100 PV business was done in Group B. But the minimum PV (100) matches both the groups, so here you will get ₹1000 as per 100PV.

Similarly, the way your two groups will match PV, you will continue to earn accordingly.

#3. Loyalty Bonus

You also get a loyalty bonus from Rootpure Company. If you increase your business according to the fixed PV of the company or you achieve some levels in your company.

Then, not only you get matching income but you also get a loyalty bonus.

Group “A” And Group “B”- PVMatching IncomeLoyalty Bonus
500Pv + 500PV500*10=5003000
1000PV + 1000PV1000*10=100008000
2000PV + 2000PV2000*10=2000015,000
4000PV + 4000PV4000*10=4000025,000
8000Pv + 8000PV8000*10=8000050,000
16000Pv + 16000PV16000*10=160000110000
31000PV + 31000PV31000*10=310000200,000
62500Pv + 62500 PV62500*10=625000450000
125000PV + 125000PV125000*10=12500001000000
250000PV + 250000PV250000*10=25000002000000
Loyalty bonus explain

And when you reach the diamond level, then your loyalty income is equal to matching income.

Means, if your matching income is ₹500000, then your loyalty income will also be ₹ 500000. Total, you earn 10,000,000 rupees from Root Pure Marketing Private Limited Company.

#4. Tours and Rewards

If you increase your business according to the fixed PV of the company then” Root pure” also gives you Tours and Rewards packages.

Just as your group “A” and group “B” both increase business on both sides, the same earning income, loyalty, and tour & travel packages are also increasing.

Group “A” And Group “B”- PVMatching Income + Loyalty BonusTours & RewardsAchieve
500Pv + 500PV500 + 3000= 35001N/2D Boot campExcutive
1000PV + 1000PV10000 + 8000= 180001N/2D Boot campSilver
2000PV + 2000PV20000 + 15000= 350002N/3D Hill StationGold
4000PV + 4000PV40000 + 25000= 650003N/4D GoaRoyal Gold
8000Pv + 8000PV80000 + 50000= 1300003N/4D ThailandPearl
16000Pv + 16000PV160000 + 110000= 2700003N/4D BaliTopaz
31000PV + 31000PV310000 + 200000= 5100003N/4D DubaiEmerald
62500Pv + 62500 PV625000 + 450000= 1,075,0004N/5D Hong&MaccRuby
125000PV + 125000PV1250000 + 1000000= 22500004N/5D RussiaPlatinum
250000PV + 250000PV2500000 + 2000000=45000007N/8D SingaporeDiamond

Note:- Your income increases after reaching the diamond level, as much as your matching income will as much as royalty income.

#5. Leadership Bonus

This income is given to you according to the team management, you are given income according to the good team you have managed.

#6. Re-purchase Income

In a simple language, if you or your team repurchase products from the root pure network marketing then you also eligible Repurchase Income by Root pure marketing PVT LTD.

The amount of repurchase by your team is provided separately to you.

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Conclusion: Rootpure Marketing pvt ltd

Rootpure Marketing private limited company being an Indian Network Marketing Company is performing well since the beginning.

Lakhs of distributors have joined it in a few days and it is fast proving itself capable of selling its direct selling product to these people.

However, it has been possible to be possible because this MLM company has been established by 3 big and capable directors of this company.

And the directors of this company have more than 15 years of experience in this industry.

If you want to join a network marketing company, then my opinion will be that you should fastest growing network marketing company like, Root pure.

I am not promoting Root pure PVt Ltd, it is only suggestion. If you found other good MLM company then you can join that company.

If you know more about rootpure marketing ltd then you can visite

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Frequently asked questions

What is the address of the Root pure marketing private limited?

The address of the Root pure marketing private limited is KH. No. 17/9, ground floor BLK no. B, Gali no. 4, Harit vihar, Kamalpur, Village burari North Delhi – 110084

Number of Key Management personnel of the Root pure marketing private limited?

Root pure marketing private limited has 2 key management personnel.

What is the rootpure marketing pvt ltd director name?

Root pure network marketing company established 2 experience directors. They have 20 years of experience of network marketing industries. Root pure directors name is Sanjay Tiwari and Praveen Kumar Sinha.

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