Do you know to curious about Safe shop India? Yes, here we will talk about the full details about this MLM company

In this post, we tell you what is Safe shop and how to success in it? And most importantly how can we join that company after that how can this company prove to be good for us.

This is a powerful Network marketing company in India and this MLM company’s full name is Safe and Secure Online Marketing Private Limited.

What Is Safe Shop India?

This network marketing company runs only in India However, the name of this company also runs outside India.

Safe Shop India Established

This company started business in India on the 14th of December, 2000. Now this network marketing company completed 20 years.

And this company is registered on 22 January 2001 (MCA) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Act 1956.

Directors Of Safe Shop

Directors Name Designation Appointment Date
MR. Harish Sondhi Managing Director 22/01/2001
MR. Rajpal Arora Director of Admin 21/04/2001
MR. Sidharth Sehgal Director of Technology 22/01/2001
MR. Rajat Verma Director Of Operation 22/01/2001
MR. Raju Anand Director of Marketing 26/02/2001

Which Type Of Business Does Safe Shop India?

Safe Shop India does network marketing business and direct selling products to its customers through it.

And there is no manufacturer, distributor, advertiser, wholesaler, and retailer in the middle of this selling. Safe This company direct sells its product to the customer.

You can understand this structure well:-

Safe shop India direct selling scale

Which Types Of Products In Safe Shop India?

This MLM company basically such types of products direct selling to its customers.

List of Safe shop products

  • Education
  • Health and beauty
  • Security
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Home Products
  • Lifestyle
  • Clothing for Ladies and Men

This company has many more products, you can see here all the products.

Safe Shop India

“Safe Shop India has around 75+ types of products in India, and Our company is a partnership of about 50+ companies. And most importantly, all these companies are known all over the world.”

Safe Shop Products

This company has many products that are necessary for use in normal life. You can see all those products here. And inside this network marketing company, new products are always added.

You will be happy to know that there are more than 50 companies working in Safe Shop India Partnership. So obviously they will have a list of many products. You can see all Safe shop India Products lists here.

How Can I Get Income Through This Company?

Safe Shop India is a network marketing business. If you add to this business and add one person below you, you will get ₹ 200. And if you add one more person below you, you will get ₹ 200 again.

If you add 1 people on the right side below you and add other people on the left side. So this means that one of your pairs completed. And you will get ₹ 1000 on completing your 1st pair.

Safe and Secure is a business model. According to the number of people below you, your other pairs will continue to complete.

Due to which you can also reach the diamond level one day, which is considered to be a very luxurious guidance level in network marketing.

It means you will get 200+200+1000= 1400.

Bonus Income By Safe Shop India

A bonus option has also been given within this Network Marketing business. This option applies when you are very old in this company. And according to your working people, you also get a bonus.

How Much Money I Can Generate By This network marketing company?

Its income is not fixed and cannot be fixed. Because this business is done according to your hard and smart work. Your income will continue to be made according to the hard work you do.

But still, I want to tell you that if you also add at least 2 people below you in a month, you will get Rs 1000 a day.

And if the people added under you also work hard and they also add some other people under them, then you get their commission too.

This business is not an active income but a passive income.

How Can I Join This Network Marketing?

To join Safe Shop India you must register first. And registration will be around ₹ 1000. After that, you can buy some products from this MLM and become a member.

why we should join this company?

Because this MLM company is a fully safe and secure MLM company and this MLM company is a fraud-free company.

And the biggest reason is that join this network marketing company, Ever since this company was launched, it has made many people rich. I personally know many people who have become a millionaire by working in this company.

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My Opinion About This MLM

#1. Fast-Growing MLM Company In India

Safe and Secure Online Marketing Private Limited Company is a very good and fast-growing MLM company in India. You can join it.

And inside this company, not only can you make money, but you can also develop your communication skills. Therefore, this company is considered a very good network marketing company.

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#2. Safe Shop India MLM Company Genuine MLM Or Fraud MLM Company.

This Network Marketing Company is a genuine company and this MLM has been in operation since 2000 AD. If it a fraud company, it would have been closed at that time. This company is worth trusting.

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