How to Start Giving Freelance Writing Services Using Free and Reliable Writing Tools

The freelancing industry is still growing in some parts of the world. This industry has different niches, but writing is one of its most popular niches. However, writing in the freelancing industry is not (just) about composing the thoughts that come to a writer’s mind. Instead, freelance writers need to keep a check on several things to seal and impress their clients. So, let’s discuss a brief guide on how to start giving freelance writing services using free and reliable writing tools.

How to Start Giving Freelance Writing Services Using Free and Reliable Writing Tools


What are the Best Freelance Writing Sites or Freelance Writing Websites?

Despite using the mentioned tools, freelancers still need to target the right websites to get their first and hopefully long-term clients. So, the following websites are the most popular websites of the freelancing writing industry:

  1. Constant Content
  2. Contena
  3. Contently
  4. FlexJobs
  7. MediaBistro
  8. Textbroker
  9. ProBlogger
  10. Upwork

How to Start Giving Freelance Writing Services?

For giving freelance writing services, you must have basic info about above mention sites. You must know about their policy and agreements. If you want to start offering your services, you must follow their agreements.

For giving the writing services, you must build a profile. The profile is as vital as a CV for a physical job. Your profile will build your first impression among your clients. So take time for making your profile the best one.

In profile, mention your qualification and experience. You must show a sample of your previous work. You should check the price for your giving service. Your communication style with your client must be kind and impressive. Before giving service, try to inform them about different writing styles and their importance. It will help you to win their trust. Once the deal is done, try to complete the project on time.

Free and Reliable Writing Tools?

In the following guide, readers will not find examples of freelance writing because the entire focus of this guide is related to how to start freelance writing using free and reliable tools.

1.    Edit Pad – Online Text Editor & WordPad for Notes:

Edit Pad - Online Text Editor & WordPad for Notes

The first free and reliable tool is an alternative to the most popular word processor that writers recommend in their freelance writing courses. Its name is “Edit Pad.

Edit Pad is a combination of different tools. However, its “Online Rich-Text Editor” is worth considering for this list. This online text editor has everything that a writer will need to type the content for his freelance clients. But compared to the word processor of Microsoft Office, this one offers some additional features. So, let’s check those features through the benefits of this tool.

Benefits of Using “Online Rich-Text Editor” from “”:

  • Most freelance writers are night owls because they prefer working late at night. So, they can use the night mode of this tool to avoid sore eyes.
  • If a writer is working on a lengthy piece of content, he can create a summary of the text by using the ‘Text Summarizer’ module of
  • Users can directly check the plagiarism with this tool to check the authenticity and uniqueness of their content.
  • This word processor also allows the users to paraphrase their content quickly. So, this feature will come in handy to avoid plagiarism in the content.
  • Once a freelance writer has finalized his piece of writing in this tool, he can download the content as a ‘.docx’ and ‘.pdf’ file.
  • Unlike normal word processors, this tool allows users to view the source code of the formatted and typed content.
  • This text editor offers a few advanced features to freelance writers while inserting hyperlinks and images into their content.
  • Like Microsoft Word, freelance writers can use the ‘Grammar Checker’ module of this tool to check their content for grammatical and punctuation errors.

However, this tool is not entirely perfect, as there are a few drawbacks to this tool.

Drawbacks of Using “Online Rich-Text Editor” of “”:

  • The interface of this tool is not as intuitive as the interface of Microsoft Word.
  • It works with the help of the internet. So, if the internet connection drops while writing, this could be dangerous for a freelancer.
  • Unlike Microsoft Word, there is no option for adding references and add-ons to this tool. Still, writers can use browser extensions as an alternative to Microsoft Word add-ons.

2.    Google Docs:

Google Docs - Online Text Editor & WordPad for Notes (Best freelancing tool)

The second tool of this “how to start giving freelance writing services using free and reliable writing tools” guide is another alternative to the word processor of Microsoft. Its name is “Google Docs.

As the name suggests, Google Docs is the text editor of Google that is available online by default. But once a user has configured it through Google Drive for offline availability, he can use it offline as well. Other than this feature, there are several features of this tool. So, let’s see the benefits that the features of this software bring for freelance writers.

Advantages of Using “Google Docs”:

  • This word processor is pretty much similar to Microsoft Word. But the primary reason for putting this tool on this list is its ‘Voice typing’ feature. This feature proves beneficial when a writer doesn’t want to type lengthy documents. Instead, he can speak through the microphone of his headphone and the tool will input the spoken words or phrases.
  • Like Microsoft Word, users can enhance the functionality of this word processor by adding add-ons. So, users can use ‘Google Workspace Marketplace’ to include add-ons to this tool according to their requirements.
  • Google Docs is directly linked with Google Drive. So, it automatically saves the typed content to Google Drive to avoid data loss.
  • Freelance writers can use the ‘Version history’ module of Google Docs to roll back to the previous versions of any document. So, this tool keeps the history of the typed content even after finalizing the changes.
  • Writers can directly email the typed content to their clients through Google Docs.
  • Users can directly present the content of a document to a meeting by adding the code of the meeting. This way, they can directly get feedback on their content.
  • Similar to the first tool, writers can also view the code of a document by using the ‘Script editor’ module.
  • The grammar checker of Google Docs is more powerful and accurate than the spell checker of Microsoft Word.
  • Users can save their finalized content in different formats.

But like the first tool, this tool has a few downsides as well. So, let’s see them.

Downsides of Using “Google Docs”:

  • The ‘Voice typing’ feature of this tool is pretty handy. But accent plays a vital role in the accuracy of this feature. So, this feature might not prove valuable for non-native freelance writers.

3.    Autowriter:

Autowriter- Freelancing writing tools

The third tool on this list is ideal for those who want to know how to be a freelance writer with no experience. Its name is “Autowriter.

This tool is ideal for those who don’t have any writing experience in the freelance writing industry but know how to write. It uses the GPT-3 technology to create plagiarism-free content according to users’ instructions. So, let’s see the benefits of this tool through its features.

Positives of Using “Autowriter”:

  • Autowriter is pretty much similar to Jasper. But it offers a free trial version of 7 days. So, once the trial version ends, users will have to purchase its premium plan.
  • This tool is completely dependent on users’ instructions. So, users can write the content according to their requirements.
  • When a user first creates an account on this tool, the tool adds 20 credits to the user’s account. So, the user can use those credits to utilize its features. However, users can earn more credits by writing a review of this tool on Trustpilot.
  • Users will find a dark mode in this tool to protect their eyes while working at night.
  • This tool can generate unique content for writers in a few seconds. So, writers can modify the content according to their preference and finalize it before sending it to their clients.
  • Users can write Facebook ads, product reviews, blog intros or outros and several other pieces of writing through this tool.
  • This tool contains a ‘Tutorial’ section that guides novices about the features of this tool.

Now, let’s take a look at the negatives of this tool.

Negatives of Using “Autowriter”:

  • The free trial is limited to only seven days. So, it will be challenging for a user to use 20-50 credits in seven days.
  • The AI-generated content will need modification from writers to make it user-friendly.
  • This tool is not entirely free.

Final Verdict:

The right set of tools helps a writer in writing unique and better content. So, the tools discussed here will prove helpful for both beginners and professional writers. But a writer should have an overview of each writing website before getting into this industry because securing first and long-term clients is the most challenging part of the freelancing journey. So, go through the discussed websites before finalizing a set of tools. Hope you are like this guide “start giving freelance writing services using free and reliable writing tools”.

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