Which are Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India 2021?

Many people feel discouraged when thing about Top 10 direct selling company in India 2021. But don’t worry I’m here to tell you that it is easy to find no 1 network marketing company in India 2021.

I want to give you great quality Information about Top 10 MLM companies in India. Which you can choose the best direct Selling Company in India.

After reading this post you will be able to clearly understand which network marketing company best for you. This tips will help beginners in network marketing to recognize fastest growing MLM company in India.

Top 10 Direct Selling Companies In India are Safe Shop India, Amway, Herbalife, Forever living, Vestige, Mi lifestyle, Medicare, RMCL Universe, Avon, 4Life. All these companies are under guidelines of network marketing.

Power of MLM

There are many ways to earn income worldwide but MLM companies are not competitive. Because millions of people became rich from poor through MLM companies.

You can get a better understanding of the top 10 direct selling company in India by watching this video, here is a video added about the top direct selling company.

What is a direct selling business?

Best MLM Companies In India

In a simple language, A direct selling business means that a business sells its products directly to the customers. There is neither a manufacturer, advertiser, retailer, nor any shopkeeper in the middle of that sells. Therefore it is called direct selling business.

There are many network marketing companies in India that sell their products through direct selling concept.

MLM business is also know as direct selling business, Multi-level marketing business, Network marketing business, chain system business plan, business and pyramid selling business.

In this post we mentioned top 10 direct selling company in India. But If you want to know list of top MLM companies then here are the list of top 85 direct selling companies all over the world.

Direct selling companies also called network marketing, MLM companies, Direct selling companies. Network marketing industry running continuously for more than 50 years. The first concept rise network marketing by California Vitamins in 1934. But in 1943 its name changed from California Vitamins to Nutra lite Corporation.

Scope of network marketing in India 2021

There are huge scope of network marketing in India 2021. Because it is a single business that provides huge profits and also provide name fame is the short time.

There is an opportunity for everyone to join the fastest growing MLM company in India 2021. And many people have joined the MLM company in India. And such companies have been continuing to sell their product to the consumer for many years.

We will know well which is the top 10 network marketing companies in India that does direct selling with good position. Here are some of the special things that you can understand, which company does direct selling to its customers for specific products.

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Before I tell you top 10 direct selling company in India 2021. You should know how can you identify by yourself which MLM Companies will be good for you?

If you found these qualities in that networking marketing company then you should understand that is the India no.1 network marketing company 2021. And that company is the right and legal MLM companies in India.

Here are some tips for recognize legal MLM companies in India

  1. In the networking company should not only be a matter of money but also progress.
  2. A Networking whose people meet and feel fun.
  3. An MLM that enhances your communication skills.
  4. A direct selling company that shows how to multiply your income.
  5. A network marketing company with a good background.
  6. The company should run past a long time
  7. The entire document of the company should be in the right direction of a law
  8. The company should not run any kind of case

If all these qualities are found in network marketing companies, then you should understand that it is a good network marketing company. As a result, Let me tell you that all these properties are found in these top 10 network marketing companies in India.

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Are network marketing fraud?

Are you searching network marketing fraud? All network marketing is not fraud but some MLM is considered fraud. Many people involved illegal pyramid scheme but they have not feel. If network marketing company approved the government guideline under the network marketing rule then it is the best network marketing company in India.

You must always be vigilant so that no fraud direct selling company will cheat you.

Some time ago there some companies who cheated people and ran away with the money.

However, some good network marketing companies also available at that time. Therefore you should choose a better network marketing company in India.

All the quality mentioned by me is found in these top 10 direct selling companies in India 2021, then you should understand that that company will be right.

None of the (Top 10 Direct Selling Company in India) mentioned by me is MLM Company fraud.

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List of Top 10 Direct Selling Company in India 2020-21

I want to tell you that a direct selling company is not the key to making someone rich.

Yes, but if your hard work, smart work and work honestly, you can become a person with a lot of money.

Direct selling companies promote their products through their distributors mouth, this business is a power-of-mouth business.

Here are the massive tips to recognize top ten direct selling company in India 2020-21. After read this post you can understand which is India no.1 network marketing company 2020.

 #1. Safe shop

Safe Shop India is the largest MLM company in India in the last 20 years. People often join to the safe shop only to be able to rich their life. Safe Shop not only connects people but also teaches them to grow their business.

You can join the business by buying its product once in a lifetime in Safe Shop. You should know Safe shop products are very useful products.

It is the only Indian MLM company which is most famous in direct selling its products. This company is the most successful in India for almost 20 years.

If you find top 10 direct selling company in India 2020-21, then safe shop is one of the best MLM company. Do you know that what is Safe shop rank in India. it is very high growth since last some years.

It is celebrated as India’s best network marketing companies in India and is considered the no.1 direct selling company in India 2021.

All of you should know that Safe Shop pays more attention to certain selected products for direct selling to its customers.

For example, Safe Shop Education, Safe Shop Protection, Safe Shop Health, Safe Shop Fashion, Safe Shop Lifestyle, and Safe Shop Technology, like more attention everything related to them. Therefore, the top 10 direct selling companies in India mentioned the best is safe shops.

About Safe Shop company:-

Company Name:-(Safe Shop India) Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd
Address:-A-3/24 Janakpuri New Delhi, (110058)
Customer service (Toll-Free No.):-+91 11 45674444
Email:-[email protected]

#2. Amway

Amway is considered the best direct selling company in India since the company was launched. This network marketing company was founded in 1959 by Jae van Andel, Richard DeVos. Amway Company provides direct sales to customers for the last 70 years.

Do you know that this company is the largest leading network marketing company with more than 150 workplaces? This company is considered to be in the list of top 10 direct selling company in India in 2020-21.

This Network Marketing Company is a Respectable Direct Selling Company At the World level. The turnover of this company in 2018 was $ 8.8 billion.

Amway India is considered in the list of top 10 direct selling company in India 2020-21. Amway company is famous for the direct selling of certain products to its customers.

Such as nutrition, beauty, personal care, home care, agriculture, and business support.

About Amway company:-

Company Name:- Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Address:- Ground Floor, Elegance Tower, Plot No. 8, Non-Hierarchical Commercial Centre, Jasola, New Delhi – 110025
Customer service (Toll-Free No.):- 080 3941 6600
Email[email protected]

#3. Herbalife

Herbalife is the Most Famous and Most Profitable MLM Company in India. It’s famous for nutrition product not only in India but all over the world.

This company supplies its products in about 94 countries. And around 3.2 million certified customers have been added.

Herbalife Company is famous for almost certain of these products. Herbalife Products is a very useful product, Such as weight management (weight loss and Weight gain), nutrition, and personal care.

In the eyes of the people, this company is mostly famous for protein and other tuition.

Herbalife Company also makes a variety of products in protein shakes such as protein bars, vitamins, teas, aloes, energy products, and personal care products.

About Herbalife:-

Company Name:- Herbal Life
No. 14, Commissariat Road Bangalore (560025)
Customer service (Toll-Free No.):- 080 4031 1444
Email:-[email protected]

#4. Forever living

Forever living direct selling company is also very famous in the eyes of the whole world.

This company has also brought its good products to the people for many years. The company founded in 1978 by CEO Rex Maughan.

Forever Living Company mostly sells it’s Scottsdale, Arizona, (which is aloe Vera based) and bee-derived cosmetics nutritional supplements, (Which helps in enhancing beauty).

And the manufacture of personal care products is very popular for the product.

It has been told about this company that this company’s revenue came out from 1990 to 2010. In which it told that this company has more than 400 employees to do business inside it. And by 2010 had generated nearly 1.7 billion revenue.

About Forever Living company:-

Company Name:- Forever Living
Address:- Forever Plaza, 74 Hill Road, Opp. St. Stanislaus High School Bandra (West), Mumbai (400 050)
Customer service (Toll-Free No.):- 91-22-6641-4000
Email:-[email protected]

#5. Vestige

Vestige Marketing Private Limited Company which started in 2004. This company started by three Indians Gautam Bali, Deepak Sood, and Kanwar Vir Singh together.

Vestige direct selling business delivers some specific products in the company to its consumers through direct selling concept. Such as personal care, oral care, health care, healthy food, and business tools.

Vestige is an International operates network marketing company. And it is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, it has over 2500 online and offline sales outlets.

The Vestige ranked 30th, 63rd, 92nd and 91st ($ 302M), 2019 ($ 194M), 2018 ($ 127M), and 2017 ($ 97M) respectively. IBC – International Brand Consulting Corporation shown the result in 2017 that Vestige has been awarded as ‘India’s Best direct selling company, and also shown that Vestige is the Best Health & Personal Care Products Company.

Vestige direct selling also has several international offices and several distribution centers. And it is also generating more revenue by direct selling to its customers almost every year.

About Vestige company:-

Company Name:-Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Address:-A-89, Okhla, Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi, (110020)
Customer service (Toll-Free No.):-18001023424
Email[email protected]

#6. Mi lifestyle marketing global private limited

Mi lifestyle marketing global private limited established of Chennai in India which has earned a good name all over India. This Company started on 13 august 2013, is a very popular and high growth company.

And this direct selling company is also very famous for direct selling its product. The directors of this company are Manmohan Singh Kishore Kumar, Hakeem Abdul Rahim, and Kolla Sathya Narayana.

Mi lifestyle marketing global private limited has proved successful in direct selling the products of networking company Lifestyle to its customers.

Mi Lifestyle is also growth in multiple products, Mi Lifestyle is also made common products is like personal care, nutrition care, and health care, and skincare.

About Mi lifestyle marketing global private limited:-

Company Name:- Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
Address:- No. 25, 2nd Floor, Lanco House, G.N Chetty Road, T.Nagar, Chennai (600017)
Customer service (Phone No. No.):- 011 4770 9943
Email[email protected]

#7. Modi care

Modi Care has also received the status of a very old and good company in India. This company was founded in 1996 by Sameer Modi.

This company is continuously growing in the last few years. When this company started, there were 1 product and 400 consultants inside that company. But now this company has made many types of products and 40 centers.

Modicare MLM is the most profitable and one of the best MLM companies in India. This company is considered the list of Top 10 network marketing companies in India 2021.

Modi Care direct selling these types of products. Such as personal care, color cosmetic, skincare, home care, laundry care, nutrition, food and beverages, and health care. This company is paying more attention to the kind of product.

About Modi care business:-

Company Name:- Medicare Limited
Address:- 5, Community Center, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, 110025
Customer service (Toll-Free No.):- 1800-3000-7800
Email[email protected]

#8. RMCL Universe

RCML’s full form, Radha Madhav Corporation Limited. This company started on 7 January 2005. It considered a good MLM company in India. The CEO of this company is Mitesh A Agrawal.

RMCL company is also famous for selling certain types of products to its customers. It supplies such things as health supplements, personal care, food and beverages, house all products, lifestyle and fashion, stationery, education products.

About RMCL Universe:-

Company Name:- Radha Madhav Corporation Limited
Address:-50/9A Daman Industrial Estate, Village Kadaiya, Nani Daman
Customer service (Toll-Free No.):- 2606619000
Email:-[email protected]

#9. Avon

The company established in 1886 by David H. Connell. According to the 2018 report, the annual sales of Avon MLM Company was 5.5 billion.

Avon network marketing company had not established in India. But this company established in the London United Kingdom.

It has been direct selling business its products to the people not only in India but in the whole world.

You can guess that how much this network marketing company range. Because this company does its direct selling to more than 100 countries now.

Avon company sold such types of products, beauty products, household products, personal care, cosmetic, and perfume type products, and clothing such as direct selling.

About Avon:-

Company Name:- Avon
Address:-401, Paras Trade Centre, Sector-2 Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon
Customer service (Toll-Free No.):-9205602866
Email:-[email protected]

#10. 4Life

4Life company was founded by David Lisonbee with his wife and co-founder Bianca Lisonbee in 1998.

this company is also growing from absolutely zero level. This company is now doing its direct selling work to its customers in more than 50 countries.

4Life company does direct selling business such types of products like, health fitness, personal care, skin care, spa products, weight management, and weight supplements, aromatherapy, and hygiene.

About 4life:-

Company Name:- 4Life
Address:- 808, 8th Floor, A Wing, Kanakia Wall Street, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai (400069)
Customer service (Phone No.):- 888-454-3374
Email:- [email protected]

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Good News about Direct selling company in 2021

You will be happy to know that the demand for top direct selling companies is going to increase in 2021. Because of the survey report for the last few years, it has been found that more people will join a direct selling company.

Do you know? If we join the Network Marketing business then your communication skill will be very strong as soon. Because in these industries trainers train distributors to increase their communication skills.

If you want to know that how to increase professional communication skills then you read this. And here is also you will get 8 Magical secrets for developing communication skills.

Just keep in mind that the direct selling company you are choosing should be a good character from this company. The future bright can be by the network marketing company.

You should select any of the top 10 direct selling company in India 2020-21 that I have mentioned here. These companies have been growing well for the last several years and will grow well.

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My Opinion about Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India 2021

Finally, we have seen the Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India 2020-21. Understood and tested the Surrey Company. Now you can join any successful MLM companies In India.

This MLM company seems to be fastest growing MLM company in India from the beginning.

If you want more Knowledge about Top Network Marketing Companies In India then you visit official websites in that companies and select the best MLM Companies in India.

I hope, you have got the best information about the top 10 direct selling company in India 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the No 1 direct selling company in India?

No 1 direct selling company is considered Amway in India. Because Amway company growth rate is very high from beginning. And if you count success ratio in the Amway that it is amazing. Not only this but it is the best and oldest network marketing company in India. For the reason that Amway is considered one of the best and top 10 direct selling company in India, even No 1 direct selling company in India.

Which is the best direct selling company in India?

The best direct selling company in India is Amway India since the company was launched. Amway India is one of the largest leading network marketing company with more than 150 workplaces in India only. This company provides a huge opportunity for everyone who wants to build their own business. This company shows how the future of network marketing in India is going to be.

Which is the fastest growing network marketing company in India?

The fastest growing network marketing company in India is considered as Amway and Safe Shop India. Because the annual report showing these company is increasing every year. And the best reason to consider the fastest growing network marketing company in India, because this company sells the kinds of products that we can use in daily life. In these company packaging, plan, presentation, growth rate, and trustworthy is good and high.

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