Top 10 network marketing trainers in India 2021

A network marketing trainer has a big role in the network marketing industry. And especially the importance of the role of network marketing trainers/leaders in India is known when a prospect has to motive.

On the website of the National MLM, we always keep posting valuable content related to the network marketing business on a regular basis. Now we will talk about who are the top 10 network marketing trainers in India.

The industry of Network Marketing

Network marketing is an industry that considered to be one of the leading industries in India. This business has gained many successes over the past several years.

The report of KPMG reports that the business of the network marketing industry in India will be 645 billion by 2025.

The network marketing industry considered being a very high growth industry. The faster it spreads in the business, the faster the negativity of the people towards this business also spreads.

Therefore, many MLM trainers give a motivational speech and they also become motivational speakers. Because it has a lot of effect in explaining negative people.

Network Marketing Trainers do not only explain the fundamentals of network marketing but also explain in detail the guidelines of the direct selling business. It is very important to know every distributor working in a network marketing business.

In earlier times, network marketing trainers/leaders used to follow only that company and only Motivate distributors of the same company in which they used to work.

But now the time has become digital, people have become more updated than online. The network marketing leaders motivate distributors of all network marketing companies in India In today’s time.

And there is also a YouTube channel of all top network marketing trainers in India which they upload related motivational and training videos from the MLM business which every network marketing people take advantage of.

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qualities of a good mlm Trainers/leaders

#1. Honesty and truthness

There are very honesty and truthness inside the trainers & leaders of network marketing, due to which they get an identity due to which people know them.

The touches the hearts of people due to his honesty and truthness and motivates them.

#2. Responsibility

There is no doubt that there is responsibility in network marketing leaders in India. They always behave like a good responsible person and this is counted in his good habits.

#3. Full Confident

All network marketing trainers/leaders in India have full confidence inside, as we know that when they give a network marketing related lecture to someone, their conference is clearly visible.

You cannot become good leaders until you have a full conference. This MLM. Creates a special identity inside the trainers.

#4. Good Communicators

There is a good communication skill inside the MLM trainers when they are presenting the business to a prospect.

Their communication skill is clearly visible. their body language, their eye contact, their voice tonality shows that they are the top network marketing trainers in India.

#5. Motivation

When a prospect is demotivating within the MLM industry, it is in dire need of motivation. Motivation is not less than a tablet, it is considered medicine to grow your business.

This is why there are so many Network Marketing leaders in India.

#6. Creativity

The creativity of network marketing trainers is completely different. The keep on adopting new creativity towards business copy or motivating people, which sets him apart from the common people.

This is the reason why network marketing trainers in India love people very much, and they also get a lot of love.

#7. Loyal

Trainers also have loyalty and want them to be able to teach people something about loyalty. Being loyal can give you success in your business.

#8. Committed

The MLM trainer completes the commitment at the right time, this is their specialty. The hallmark of better network marketing trainers is that they prove to be correct on whatever they Committed.

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Top 10 Network marketing trainers in India

Now we know which are the top 10 Network Marketing Trainers in India which all of us should follow.

There are many trainers for network marketing who have changed the lives of crores of people, but some of them are very famous, which almost people know.

So let’s start and know which of the top 10 Network Marketing Trainers in India considered, then you will be able to gas yourself which of these numbers no. 1 MLM trainer.

#1. Sonu Sharma

“Sonu Sharma” known as a very talented person at a young age. He is considered a very successful trainer in the direct selling industry because of his webinars and seminars are very famous all over India.

He is considered to be one of the top network marketing trainers in India, who is not only known for his network marketing skills but also as a writer, motivational speaker, business consultant. His experience has been in a network marketing company for 14 years.

Sonu Sharma also the founder of the Dynamic India Group and earned a lot of name and fame in vestige India, although he has also given his long time in Naswiz Retail Pvt.

If we talk about their YouTube channel, then they have more than 4.18 million subscribers. Those who listen to them are not only from India but people from different countries also listen to them.

Many people that work in the MLM industry consider “Sonu Sharma” as the top network marketing trainers in India.

#2. Pushkar Raj Thakur

Pushkar Raj Thakur is considered to be one of the top network marketing trainers in India who established the Personality Development Institute at the age of 17. After he then Forever Living Product MLM also became the leader.

There are many books that people should read a book written by Pushkar Raj Thakur for a network marketer and business growth.

In a very good summary, he has told about network marketing business growth in many of his books.

It is not only a well-known face of the network marketing industry but also a business coach and motivational speaker, his company considered very famously all over India in the name of P.R.T Global.

#3. Ujjwal Patani

Ujjwal Patni is a well-known business coach and motivational speaker of India whose speech seen and heard and read not only in India but in many countries of the world.

There are many books written by him which are written in 14 different languages.

He is very motivated about network marketing business, which has published many books and videos about network marketing business on its YouTube channel.

YouTube has more than 5 million subscribers on its channel, in their videos, many videos encourage people about MLM.

#4. Dipak bajaj

Deepak Bajaj is known as one of the famous trainers in the network marketing industry. He took his MLM industry started in MI Lifestyle Company 11 years ago, after that, they got a lot of progress

Deepak Bajaj is not only a network marketing trainer but also a Motivational speaker, life coach, MLM leader.

There are many network marketing books through them that show people a successful path to succeed in the MLM industry and inspire them to succeed in business.

#5. Gautam Bali

Gautam Bali Vestige Marketing Private Limited is the company’s co-founder who started in 2000 with Deepak Sood and Kanwar Bir Singh.

He is also a tremendous motivational speaker who shares his experience in almost all his seminars and webinars, from which people get to learn a lot.

He is considered one of the top network marketing trainers in India who changed the lives of many people.

When he gives a speech, he does not just keep his word but he impresses people and tells about commercialization policies, due to which people get a lot of inspiration.

#6. Satish Kumar Tiwari

Satish Kumar Tiwari is also the Best and Youngest Leader of Network Marketing Company and Trainer of Network Marketing.

He is a network marketing leader who not only inspires people working in network marketing but also explains in detail about the growth of any business.

He is also a motivational speaker, he has received awards in many places. The growth of their YouTube channel “Indian School of Network Marketing” shows that they are very well-known leaders who talk about network marketing.

#7. K.K.Sinha

“KK Sinha” considered to be a motivational speaker in the marketing industry. He has inspired many people towards the network marketing business, which has given the right path to the people.

If you want to succeed in MLM business then you should follow KK Sinha sir. He has written a lot of books in his life, which are enough to succeed in MLM business.

His YouTube channel, whose name is K Sinha Motivational Speaker, which has about 287k members, all of them take inspiration from him.

#8. Chetan Handa

Chetan Handa is a celebrity in the network marketing industry, he has made great progress in his life, although he was ready to work hard and support in his childhood due to family difficulties.

In 2003, he founded a network marketing company known as Glaze Trading India Private Limited Company. Chetan Handa Sir also a motivational speaker who follow by crores of people.

#9.Dr. Surekha Bhargava

“Surekha Bhargava” known as a female network marketing trainer, has gained success in the Modi Care Network marketing business.

She is also a motivational speaker who works in the Modi Care Limited industry, although she was previously a housewife.

She has gained a lot of success in the network marketing industry, and people know her as a successful entrepreneur.

The book was written by him “Kalam Sir Ke Success-Path” is also a very famous book, we must read this book.

#10. Devendra Sharma

Devendra Sharma is an MLM business coach who has consistently achieved success working in the company Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt Ltd for the last 15 years.

They have changed the lives of many thousands of people, many people take inspiration from them. There are more than 216k followers on his YouTube channel who follow his motive-filled talk.

If we want to succeed in the network marketing business, then we should follow these types of Network Marketing trainers in India.

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Opinion: Top 10 Network Marketing trainers in India

There are many top Indian MLM leaders in India but we only talked about the top 10 network marketing trainers in India here.

According to those who are good and who have more followers, we have mentored here all the top MLM Leaders Speakers in India.

Many people follow all these motivational speakers, they have also on their YouTube channel which is many followers.

They have provided a lot of knowledge related to network marketing business on his YouTube channel. To gain success in the MLM business, you should watch their YouTube videos.

It is said that without teacher there is no knowledge. Therefore, it is very important to have leaders / trainers to learn, understand and grow well in network marketing or any other type of business.

Although there are some people who start at exactly 0 levels in the network marketing business and now the appears in good condition.

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