Do you know that vestige is a network marketing company that started in India but has now done a direct selling business in many countries of the world? And this network marketing company is running in good positions.

What Is Vestige?

Vestige is a good and genuine network marketing company that runs in not only India but a maximum of other countries.

According to the report of 2018, the head office of about 25000000 crores has been set up in Delhi and this company is about 1200 crores. And for the last 14 years, this company is proving capable of direct selling continuously.

Every year, more than 3 lakh people join this company, and till now about one and a half million people have joined this company, as fast as it is spreading in India, as well as the extent of the company is growing outside India.

vestige reviews

This established as a multi-level marketing company, it has been steadily growing in the direct selling industry since 2004 AD.

Vestige Private Limited Company is the second highest-ranked company in India’s network marketing company. The headquarter of this network marketing company is in Delhi.

Let us tell you that this network marketing company is doing direct selling of products like Health Products, Personal Care Products, Oral Care, Homecare, Agriculture, Home Appliances and Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine, etc.

You can gauge the growth of this network marketing company by the fact that the United States of America has around 25,000,000 distributors and more than 90 branches only in the United States of America.

If we talk about India only, then the Vestige Private Limited Company range in India is very large.

You can guess from this that this company has 47 offices within India, and more than 1500 collection centers and more than 250 products are available.

 Any person in this company, be it a student, be it a shopkeeper, engineer, housewife, old, child, woman, man, everybody can join this company and grow their business according to part-time or full time.

And not only in this network marketing company, but in any network marketing company, you can grow your business by giving good part-time or full time.

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Company established

When the Vestige Company established, the company was set up with a very small amount (50 lakhs). And only 6 people together took this company to grow.

Directors of vestige company

If I answer you in a short answer, then the members & directors of this company are Deepak Sood, Gautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh, and Yuvraj Bali. These three persons together established this network marketing Company.

How Does this network marketing company Work?

Vestige company is a network marketing company, it does the work of direct selling. It has more than 250 products which are enough to keep its satisfied customer happy.

The way every network marketing company does direct selling business, it means that its product is sold directly to its distributor or its customer.

There is no relation between any kind of manufacturing, advertising, retailer, and shopkeeper in the middle of selling.

In the same way, Vestige company also do direct selling. If any distributor joins this company, then they buy some products from this company. And then the next step is to add another distributor under theirs.

In the same way, the company of My Vestige continues to grow, due to which the company as well as the company’s distributors, also grow.

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Which types of products in Vestige?

Basically, the company mostly direct selling more health supplements/wellness products. But many other types of products are found inside it, you can see all these products here.

  • Health supplements
  • Air Purifiers
  • Ayurveda products
  • Healthy Foods
  • Home Care Materials
  • Oral Care Items
  • Personal Care
  • Cosmetics and Skin Care Products
  • Men’s Grooming Items
  • Agricultural Products
  • Business Tools

And many more:-

How can we get income through this network marketing?

To generate income from Vestige Network Marketing Company is exactly the same as you generate income with any other network marketing company. Here you have been told step by step, you will get to know better if you read this post.

1. Registration

>Free Joining

2. Activation

> If you have a buy Rs. 1000 rupees then you Id activate. If you buy any product ranging from 2500 to 3000 (products that are going to be used in your daily life), then you are given gifts in some additional products.

My opinion will be that if you get your ID activated within 1 week after joining, then it will be better for you.

#3. Create your team

> After that you have to add people to your downline, you should create your team so that your team can have a strong network and then your income can be good.

Your business for the first monthYour income for the first month
1500*6= 9000 B.V.
Self B.V. = 1500 B.V.
Total = 10500 B.V.
Your level first starting= 8%
Team 90003%= 270 Self 15008%=120
Total bonus= 390
Product voucher = 750
Your total income = 1140
Your Income chart for 1 month

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For example, if you added 6 people to your downline within 30 days and if all those people also buy a minimum of 2500 rupees items, then you get about 1500 B.V. Will meet.

You can earn this much in the first month, but according to that, if you keep working hard and your team keeps working hard, then your income will always be multiplied.

Vestige company genuine or fraud

This network marketing company is genuine, you can consider it genuine because it has been doing direct selling since 2004 AD and its growth rate is increasing every year. You should know direct selling guidelines to better understand this company.

All the distributors who join inside it also grow very fast. Because the plans, products, and payouts of this company are perfect.

Therefore, you can consider this company to be a fast-growing MLM company. And it is also considered among the top 10 direct selling companies in India.

How can join This MLM?

There is a very easy way to join with this MLM company, if you register by filling the form with the Normally of the vestige, then your registration is done. Within that form, you require Aadhaar card, your address, email ID, contact number, and nominee name, after which your ID can be easily generated.

After all this process, you also have to submit an online form on a vestige app. Its name is “Vestige POS” app, you can download it from here, and you can also download it from play store.

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Opinion:- About Vestige

If you join this network marketing company then definitely your communication skills develop strong because in this MLM company focus on developing communication skill.

It is considered to be a genuine and fast-growing network marketing company, as we talked about it established in (Delhi) India, then the distributors of this company are mostly from India.

There are a lot of people in this MLM company who have become millionaires within 14 years. If you are also fond of joining a network marketing company, then you can join this company, it is a good and future fast network marketing company.

If you want more detailed knowledge about this company, you can get more information by vestige official website.

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