How To Earn Money Watching YouTube Videos (3 Simple Steps)

How To Earn Money Watching YouTube Videos? How cool would it be if you could get $14 for watching a YouTube video? Yes! Friends, this is true, if someone comes to your website from a Tier One country like United State, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, ie clicks on your link, then you can easily earn $ 14 Per Click.

Of course, this is the copy paste method but you have to do it with a strategy. We will tell you the right way by which you can earn money by watching YouTube videos. And even if you don’t watch YouTube videos in one go, you can still earn recurring income from it, keep reading this post to know how to earn.

3 Simple Steps To Earn Money Watching YouTube Videos

By researching very well for you, we have told you a detailed guide in 3 steps to earning money watching YouTube videos, you should follow all these steps.

#1. How To Choose Viral Niche For YouTube?

By the way, there can be many viral for making short videos on the internet which you can make videos like cartoon videos, recipe videos, etc. But here we will tell you about such a viral niche which is watched only in tier one countries due to which you get $14 easily.

Come on guys, so let’s talk about which niche it is. So that niche is asmr slime. You heard it right, this is a unique niche, which is viral only in tier-one countries.

To recharge this niche, you should search (#short + asmr slime) on YouTube so that you will be able to see all its views and channel status.

Along with writing a detailed article on this, I have also published a video in which the detailed roadmap has been told, you can check out that video as well.

#2. How To Choose High CPC Platform

You will find many platforms to earn money by watching YouTube videos. But what we are telling about is the platform, its name is shorte. By visiting this website, you can see the benefits and joining process, although I have explained everything in the video.

Simply, this platform gives you the dollar to watch premium ads. To work on this platform, you will have to verify by signing up with your email on its website, and after that, you will shorten the link to the YouTube video on its platform. And after that, you can adopt the activity of promoting the link.

Visit this website to generate link: Shorte

#3. How To Create Viral YouTube Videos And How To Promote

Making short videos for YouTube is now easy because there is a very good tool in the market using which you can make short YouTube videos. You get many templates in this tool and get many images. But the tool is not free, it charges some fee, you can see it by clicking on this video editor.

And if you do not want to invest money, then you can also use Canva, this tool is a free tool, and you must have some creativity to edit videos on it.

3 Best Platforms For Promote Your Videos

✅ ASMR Forum

You can promote your video on a forum site which is having more usage in tier 1 countries and get more clicks due to which you will earn well.

Just as Quora is considered a good forum site in India, similarly asmr forum is considered a better forum in Tier 1 countries as well, you can get good clicks by creating your account on asmrforum site as well.


Reddit is a huge forum site where people from most Tier 1 countries are more active on this site, the traffic of this website is 1.7 Billion. You have to join the community by pinning them on Reddit, such a community that is asmr community, you can publish the link of your videos there and get better views.


In today’s time, who does not know Facebook and who is not aware of the millions of groups or pages that are created daily on Facebook? So you have to go to Facebook and join a group that is related to asmr and then you can publish the link of your video there.

And from there you can gain views in the video, but remember that initially, you do not have to share the link of the direct video but start the discussion in the group with a text message or image and later you can share your videos.

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