How to Start and grow your hair salon business? (14 steps)

Are you looking for how to grow hair salon business? In a crowded market, you might be wondering how to stand out. Should you only use organic products? Should you prioritize edgy haircuts, a memorable experience, or something else?

If you want to grow your hair salon like a successful business, then you should adopt new ways and different methods.

That’s why we guide all our salon business clients to adopt the right strategy to grow their business. We will share unique strategies with you in this post, so you can grow hair salon business.

What type of business is a hair salon?

According to the North American Industry Classification System, hair salon comes under category 8121 which is also known as personal care service.

A hair salon does not just mean that there is a haircut, hairstyle, and hair color for men and women. Rather it also includes nails, skincare, and tanning for men and women. It can be said that there is considered an industry of personal care,

To start a hair salon business, you should have good knowledge about personal care. It helps you a lot in promoting your hair salon business.

A salon business earns a profit margin of around 2% to 17% in one year. It depends on whether you have unique salon service ideas or not which sets people apart from other salons.

If we talk about only one United States of America, then about 8.2% of profit is here. If you make your salon business something different like from other salons. So you will see grow salon business every year.

How to make hair salon business plan?

You can follow all the steps given here to make a hair salon business plan.

  • Write a mission and vision statement
  • Create an Executive Summary
  • Analyze and identify your target market
  • Analyze your Competitor’s
  • Write a business description of your salon
  • Create a professional salon website
  • Create strategies for advertising and outreach marketing
  • Find out your financial plan

How much does it cost to open a hair salon?

How much does it cost to open a hair salon? The cost of starting a hair salon depends on the area in which the physical location of the hair salon. Apart from this, there are other investments like:

  • How much is the rent of a hair salon shop
  • How much can you have to pay the electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • Website building investment
  • Professional Product with Recruitment, Tools & Accessories
  • Investment to provide salary to the barber
  • Apart from this the costs of salon software and insurance.
  • Talking about license and advertising & marketing, its investment is also added to your salon business, which can demand an investment between $10000 -$25000.

If you have made up your mind to buy an existing hair salon, then you may have to invest at least between $40,000 to $ 200,000. In the same place, if you are thinking of building a new hair salon, then you may have to invest between $100000 to $400000. Remember that hair salons demand more investment than nail salons. All these investments are required to open a hair salon.

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✅How to increase sales in hair Salon business?

We have mentioned 14 steps to growing a hair salon business. If you want to increase sales in the salon business then you should follow all these steps.

#1. Find a niche and dive in

If you specialize in everything, you will be known for nothing. However, you can set yourself apart from the competition by focusing on a specific niche. And, given the abundance of hair salons, it’s critical to stand out.

You have the opportunity to directly address these needs by taking the time to identify your customer’s needs, wants, and requirements.

#2. Give a cool and modern look to the interior of the salon

The interior design of the salon should be very cool and modern. With this, you grab the attention of your customers to come to your salon.

Attractive design catches your customer’s mind and he makes plans to come to you. You can also incorporate interior and exterior parts of the salon to make the salon unique. This is one of the best ideas to grow hair salon business.

#3. Sell gift cards or gift certificates

Selling gift certificates isn’t just a good idea for increasing your hair salon’s revenue; it’s a no-brainer.

Allowing existing customers to buy gift cards or gift certificates for friends and family brings in new customers and increases sales. In addition, it gets paid immediately, even if that person never takes you up on your offer.

You can get recommendations for salon business from your existing clients if you follow these tips on your hair salon business.

#5. Social media Presence for hair salon Business

There is a lot of power in social media! The number of audiences available inside it. By starting a big startup through social media, you can easily reach the target customer.

We will not talk about all social media here but we will definitely talk about Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. With its help, your hair salon business has great potential to reach the target customers.

☑Make the most of Instagram and Facebook

Everyone’s pleasure is watching Instagram videos. They are usually of people making delicious food, but they can also be beauty tutorials! People enjoy seeing someone’s hair cut short or having extensions or nail accessories expertly glued on.

So please use your abilities and record your clients, with their permission, of course. Encourage your customers to share the videos on their pages to bring their friends to your salon.

Use can you mobile ads also, like geotargeting, can be highly beneficial, especially with AdWords’ new bidding features, allowing users to bid differently on desktop and mobile.

#6. You should be create a website for a hair salon

In the digital world, more than 40% of customers gather knowledge and purchase any product or service through websites and applications. Its demand is increasing day by day.

You can add your business profile and portfolio to your hair salon website so that your customers trust you. And you can get more and more customers organic on your website. Any carelessness in designing a website for a hair salon can stop you from growing your hair salon business.

When the customer reach you through the website and takes the service of the salon from you, you should always remember to get the reviews and ratings from the customers. Doing this increases the trust of the next customer on you.

Never pass up an opportunity to stand out in your hair salon business if you have skilled and professional stylists; think about website design. A special occasion requires stunning appearances, including professional hairstyles.

Today, numerous hair salons offer excellent services and products for cleaning, conditioning, cutting, strengthening, styling, and coloring men’s and women’s hair. Because of the extreme demand for these services, many passionate, professional stylists in this industry open their hair salons.

With such fierce competition, you should always include a web presence in your marketing plans because it is one of the best salon promotion ideas. Website is the best idea to grow hair salon business.

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We are professional website developer and website designer. And we have helped many hair salon businesses reach their target customers by creating websites.

Tabish Saifullah

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☑Add blog/article section

Google changes its algorithms from time to time, especially for Product Guides. If your website only targets your service and product, there is a high chance that your website may find it difficult to rank on search engines like Google and Bing.

But if you add a blog/article section in your website in which you provide valuable content and share tips and tricks with your customers.

So it will not only provide better value to your customers but also as per the guidelines of Google/Bing.

So you must always add a blog or articles section to your website and update the articles on it regularly.

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☑Gather Email Addresses

Sending an email is a simple but effective marketing strategy. Obtaining an email address is akin to receiving the keys to the kingdom; you can use it for appointment reminders, newsletter updates, referral bonuses, and Facebook remarketing lists.

#7. Try out client booking software

A professional hair salon website becomes your identity which you can see as a startup. Apart from this, you can also use client booking software.

Did you know that Just a phone call to book an appointment with their hairstylist is a chore for some people. As a result, 25% of millennials will only book appointments online, and 35% of clients prefer to schedule appointments outside business hours.

You could lose business if you don’t have a 24-hour online booking system. According to Acuity’s online booking system, 90% of customers prefer to book their appointments online. Furthermore, 96% of businesses prefer taking online bookings.

Because they can accept payments immediately, reducing no-shows and thus avoiding blocking out time that could have resulted in revenue. It also assists businesses in avoiding back-and-forth conversations and phone calls and simplifies the entire process.

#8. Set up a referral program

Referral programs that proper benefit everyone. Opportunities when a customer refers a friend, both they and the new friend receive discount money off, a free product, a free consultation, or some other service, and you gain a new customer.

A referral idea is the most effective way to attract new customers while cultivating loyalty among current ones.

A customer referral program could be the key to turning your struggling business into a thriving one. 

Of course, you must still be strategic when selecting the reward in exchange for the referral. Consider the time required to complete each service and the cost of the products used.

Naturally, you don’t want to give a service that is too time-consuming or costly. On the other hand, the reward must be worthwhile, or the program will fail.

For example, a program that requires a customer to refer ten people before receiving their reward is unlikely to succeed, whereas asking someone to refer three people in exchange for a complimentary blowout is much more likely to succeed.

#9. Create a frequent flyer program

Think again if you believe frequent flyer programs are only for airlines. The hair salon version of this program could be as simple as incentivizing first-time or new customers to return. It’s an excellent way to increase sales in the salon business.

This tactic, at its core, is a loyalty program designed to keep customers returning for more. There are various types of loyalty program. So if you don’t like the idea of offering up to 50% off on a return visit, there are dozens of other options.

#10. Convert one-time services into subscriptions

You’ve probably heard about how subscription. Businesses have been disrupting industries all over the world. For example, Netflix is in the video-rental business; Uber is in the taxi service business, Spotify is in the music sales business, and so on.

Undoubtedly, these programs are highly successful recurring revenue keeps them both going and growing. So why not incorporate this model into your service offerings?

Value for money and ease of use are key selling points for subscription businesses. Subscribing to a service will help if you are not concerned about making an appointment or finding extra money.

#11. Pitch Your Salons for Events Using Hashtags

You can hashtag to be active. With so many couples announcing your #engagement or planning bachelor/bachelor parties on Instagram and Facebook, with a wedding hashtag, you can get active.

Similarly, you can use # in social media to make your salon business reach more and more customers.

#12. Ask your customers what they want/need

You can start a hair salon business with fewer products and fewer services. But you can command reviews and ratings on your website from the customer.

And also know what else they need. Similarly, by adding more facilities to your salon business, you can fulfill all the requirements of the customer.

#13. Reduce Your Salon Operation Cost

In a competitive market, there will be other salons besides you, customers will also be visiting it. And the customers are well aware of all the salon operation costs.

If you want to grow hair salon business in the initial days, then you not only need to reduce the operation cost a little but also can offer more and more products and services to your customers.

But at the same time, it is also very important things to note that your offer does not overwhelm you. That is why you can also recommend some additional products or services to the customers.

#14. Give Your Employees a Gift

Salon business does not grow just by keeping the customer happy. Rather, to grow the salon business, you need to keep your employees happy.

Often people ask us how to make a salon successful. And we give them the answer that the responsibility of your business rests on your employees. So always try to provide gifts to the employees. Then the employee works hard to grow the business by considering your business as his own.

How to make your salon stand out?

Because a hair salon business is a physical business, it is very important to pay attention to the interior design of this your salon. If you take your salon business to a higher level then you should adopt all those things which we have just mentioned in this post.

To make a salon successful, you need to focus on the experience of the customer. And do not forget to request to take reviews and ratings from the customer and this is possible only when you have a professional salon business website. If you want to website design for a hair salon then you can contact us.

You cannot ignore social media for the growth of your salon business at all. It will not be wrong to say that social media has so much power that it helps you to reach your target customer very easily.

How to promote salon business?

The salon business can be of many types but if we talk about the hair salon business then you can adopt some methods to promote it to the salon business.

For example, you give free salon service to some customers and request them to tell other people the address of your salon. And whatever customer comes to you, definitely demand reviews and ratings and put them on your website.

You must have unique salon service ideas. If you keep gift cards and coupon cards in your business, then it will help a lot in promoting your business.

What do clients want in a hair salon?

There are many factors you need to keep in mind while making your Salon stand out from others. Some of those factors clients want in a hair salon: safety, trust, value for money spent, fulfillment/Satisfaction, community and relationships.

2 major things customers want from hair salon. Customer needs means you need to know for what purpose your client is visiting you.

There might be several reasons for this for ex: whether they have to attend a wedding, they have to attend a baby shower, Go out in a bar & chill Or watch a scheduled cricket match.

You need to understand their need & then provide them with a custom makeover ideas for that event. If you care about your customers in all these things then clients will love your salon.

How to get clients back into the salon?

Hair Salon is really a need of people. There are many people who like to buy the service of the salon for only under a week. You just have to pay attention that no one who comes to your salon should go without being satisfied because you are providing them good service.

And also ask the customers what other type of service they want. Apart from this, it is very important for you to have an online presence along with a referral program, it increases the trust level of your customers.

When you give an appointment to any customer, it is considered very important to provide service till that appointment.

If you adopt all these strategies then there is a lot of hope for the growth of the recommendation for salon business and you will see that grow hair salon business. And then you will notice that clients are back into your salon.

FAQs on hair salon business

Is owning a hair salon profitable?

When you are the owner of a hair salon business then you can consider it as a good profitable business. Because this business seems to be growing every year, in the coming time this industry will be about $532 billion. As we mentioned earlier, it is considered to be a profit-making business approx. 17%. So Yes Is owning a hair salon profitable?

Is it good owning a salon without being a hairstylist?

Because the salon business is a physical business, not only the interior design of this business should be very attractive, but if the salon business owner has a good hairstyle, then it can entice your customer. And you will be known as a different salon business in the market.

Want to know the hair salon equipment list?

There can be many types of equipment in the hair salon business. It depends on the type of service you are providing. Here we are sharing some types of hair salon equipment list with you.
Shears and scissors
Rattail Combs
Wide-Toothed Combs
Round Brushes
Vented Brushes
Paddle Brushes
Hair-cutting capes
Salon towels
Reception desk
Reception chairs
Salon chairs
Hair styling stations
Backwash units (shampoo stations)
Carts and trolleys
Salon retail stands
Magazine rack
Hood dryers
Heat lamps
Blow dryers
Hair straighteners
Hair curlers
Hair clippers
Washing machine and a dryer (for towels)

Conclusion: How to increase sales in the salon business?

The salon business can be a little bit competitive but don’t panic. Here we have told about the ideas and tips to grow hair salon business, definitely apply them in your business.

And would also like to tell these things that it is very important for you to have an online presence to grow your hair salon business. This will take your business to great growth as you have to reach out to potential and targeted customers.

End of the article we also recommend you add more products and services to grow hair salon business. So that a customer who reaches you through your website not only takes one service but also considers the other service. We hope that we have helped you grow hair salon business.

If you have any kind of question related to salon business in your mind then you can ask us. NationalMLM Team is always with you to grow your hair salon business. If you want us to build a salon website, design the salon website, redesign your existing salon website or want the article on the salon website, then we will give you extra services. Contact us to know about service.

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